They Learned to Build a Website Free – Now Have a Work From Home Business

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There are many reasons why people want to start their own work from home business. Extra money, needing a flexible schedule, wanting to do more than just work for someone else.

Blogging and internet marketing has taken over as the best online business to start, as more and more people are monetizing their personal interests into full time income.

Congratulations to the following Wealthy Affiliate Members for learning how to build a website for free, and launching their very own work from home business.

Wealthy Affiliate Success – JonLake

learn to build a website free

Debbie and Jon l\live in the English Riviera part of the UK where they enjoy the warm weather. After being laid off they realized that they are tired of relying on other people for their future, and wanted to start their own work from home business.

They completed the Wealthy Affiliate Online Enrepreneur Certification Course, and are on their way.



Wealthy Affiliate Success – HeidiY

build a website for free

HeidiY is just 4 weeks into her training at Wealthy Affiliate and is already getting noticed by search engines. Heidi describes her self as a “DINK”, which stands for Dual Income, No Kids. She may have to change that to “TINK”, Three Incomes, No Kids, now that her work from home business is starting to pick up.

Or maybe she will just quit her 9 to 5 jobs, which is usually what people do when they see the online income that you get from affiliate marketing. Why punch a clock of you don’t have to?


Wealthy Affiliate Success – MKearns

work from home opportunities

MKearns live in Mechancsville, Maryland. Since joining Wealthy Affiliate in 2015, he has written over 1922 blog posts, just for Wealthy Affiliates website! He is a valuable source of information, and has over 8700 followers! If you would like to see some of his contributions to the Wealthy Affiliate Communtiy ==> CLICK HERE

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