How Can I Really Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – Start Earning In 4 Simple Steps

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One of the most common questions that I frequently get from bloggers and content publishers is, “Can I really make money with affiliate marketing? Is building a website free?”

My answer is always a resounding, “YES!” If I can do it, anybody can. Affiliate marketing is, in my opinion, the best online work at home opportunity without investment, that there is. I finally decided to write a series of articles to share the best way to make money affiliate marketing.

In this article, I’m going to explain how you can be successful at one of the best online business to start, affiliate marketing. In a few simple steps, you will learn how to build a website, link it to products that are being sold online, and earn a commission for each sale that generates.

how can i really make money with affiliate marketing


To really get a successful head start in and monetize your traffic, you need to decide what your site will be about. Make it specific and do not try to have a bunch of different topics on a single website. You would’t want to sell “Kitchen Gadgets” on the same site you would try to sell, say “Best STEM Toys for Children Age 5 to 7.” The two are not related.

The truly successful web pages are focused to a certain interest. Pick something you know a lot about, and enjoy talking about. It can literally be anything. There are millions of niches, finding one you enjoy shouldn’t be hard. What do you like? Where do you like to spend time?

Any niche can be very profitable, because there are billions, yes BILLIONS of people online looking for information. As of today, there are over 3 billion people using the internet today.

For example, lets say you like hair products and want to start website about hair care products that you like. People all over the world buy products for hair care, the industry is estimated to be worth over 87 billion dollars. I think there is plenty of room for you to make some money there.

Once you have your area of interest, or niche, you can start thinking of what to call your website. Make it something related to your niche, and something that will be easy to remember. Your online business should be about something you enjoy. Something that you consider to be fun. Affiliate marketing is work, but it is fun, and you should keep it that way.


Once you have your niche, you are ready to register your domain. I have had a few free domains at blogger, wix, weebly my time, but the best free domain for affiliate marketing by far is SiteRubix.com


The benefits of SiteRubix are many, I could spend hours praising. One day, I probably will write an article just on SiteRubix benefits. But if I had to pick what really separates SiteRubix from the rest it would be

1. Ease of use

2. Speed of the pages

3. The ability to get picked up by search engines, so customers can find your page.

4. With SiteRubix, you get access to Wealthy Affiliate classes and community.

So CLICK HERE (opens in a new window, so you won’t lose your place) to get your domain set up on SiteRubix now.

Once you have picked your domain name. You are ready to start the Online Entrepreneur Certification

This is a 10-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. While taking this course, you will go through the steps of creating a successful online business that earn you actual income.


This is probably the most important, and most overlooked, step that separates successful affiliate marketers from unsuccessful ones. To get the big commissions, you need to get people to see your content. You can’t just post affiliate links all over the place, and expect people to just randomly show up on your web page, and the buy something.

By using the correct key phrases within your area of interest or sub-area of interest. You need to be able to connect with people looking for answers from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It is a lot easier than it sounds, and this will honestly give you a huge advantage you in the end.

How do you target the proper key phrases? I use the free Keyword Tool at Wealthy Affiliate. With the free Keyword Tool you type in a phrase, and it shows you how many people search that phrase vs how many other pages show up in that search. The key is to find a phrase that gets a lot of searches, but not a lot of hits.

For example, lets say I use the hair niche I talked about previously. I want to write a post about hair dryers, hoping to attract customers who want to buy one. I want to see if a lot of people are searching for information about hair dryers so I typed “top rated hair dryers this year” into the free Keyword Tool.

how can i really make money with affiliate marketing
You can see above that on average, 235 people every day type in the phrase, “top rated hair dryers.” If your page is the first page of search results, you can expect 40 visitors a day, just by including the phrase “top rated hair dryers” in your post a few times.

This lets you know, you may want to actually title your post, “Top Rated Hair Dryers” instead of “Best Rated Hair Dryers” Little things like that give you an edge.

Be sure to include that phrase, “top rated hair dryers” in your post once as well. You could just start off saying something like, “Every year there are new features for hair dryers, I wanted to find out which top rated hair dryers are on sale this year.” Or something like that. When someone types “Top rated hair dryers” into a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, it will find your page and hopefully put it on top. This process is part of search engine optimization or SEO.

Add the phrase, “top rated blow dryers” as well, and you can expect another 26 visitors. That’s 66 visitors, to your site every day, just on 2 phrases in 1 article.


After you build your website, you have a review or some other content. . You understand how to get traffic…now it is time to get paid

how can i really make money with affiliate marketing
Using the same hair niche example above, I would write my article, saying what I like or don’t like about it. Then you could work into the content, “If you would like to purchase this hair dryer you can buy it at Amazon.com and Target.com” When the reader clicks on that link, it opens up into Amazon or Target, and if they buy it, you get a commission from Amazon or Target.

The links above contain my a special tracking code from my affiliate account with Amazon and Target. That way they know that the customer was referred to them by me,  and I get credit for the sale.

But if they end up buying another hair dryer, you still get a commission, if they click on your link first. They could even buy unrelated things instead, or in addition to the hair dryer you reviewed, and you get a commission. In some instances, they can leave, and buy something next week or even month, AND YOU STILL GET A COMMISION.

You sign up as an affiliate for stores like, Amazon, Target, WalMart, EBay, Best Buy, etc. There are thousands of affiliate programs. Most of them are free to join, in fact, I’ve never come across one you pay for. All you need is a valid website.

Most programs won’t allow blogger or weebly, but I’ve never been denied with a SiteRubix account. It is a well respected site in the affiliate community, I think that has something to do with it.

Wealthy Affiliate has a really easy to understand lesson on this topic as well. You can check it out


if you sign up with a SiteRubix account, you can start the whole 10 lesson course from the beginning.

I hope you found this article useful, if you did, please share with a friend.

Leave me a comment below, if you like.

If you want, you can look me up on Wealthy Affiliate, if you have any questions.


  1. This is a very informative article with good tips to use. I especially like the way you explained how to get traffic to my website, along with a “keyword search” snapshot. Thanks for creating this article. I’m sure it’s going to peak the interest of a lot of people.

  2. Thank you for this simple and easy to follow steps to make money with affiliate marketing. The concept itself is simple but the toughest challenge is ourselves. Are we willing to put in the amount of hard work and effort to make it work? Or are we even patient enough to wait for the fruit of our labour to appear?

    • Hi Rab,

      I agree it is work, but it definitely pays off.  It is worth the work.

      Thank you

  3. Hello there! I found your article really informative and helpful especially to a people like me who do not know anything about affiliate marketing. I am a student and I am looking for a way to earn extra money online. I’m interested on trying affiliate marketing but I’m a dummy with it, I don’t know where to start. Luckily, I read your article on how to start earning with 4 simple steps. Hopefully I could start earning a lot of money soon. Thank you for sharing this information.

  4. Hey Jim,
    Loved your post. You provided a really good overview of Wealthy Affiliate. i joined last year around summer and my only complaint is I don’t have as much time to work on it as I’d like.
    i think it’s SOOOO important to choose a niche you are not only interested in but something you really enjoy. It makes it feel like not work, more like a process you enjoy. You do a good job conveying and folks need to keep in mind is that it is a process and doesn’t get achieved overnight, especially getting more traffic to your website!
    Thanks, Mat. A

    • Thanks Mat, 

      I appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

       It is true it takes a little bit of time to get some traffic, I think it took me 3 weeks to get my first sale. What people need to realize, as they go through the training, they are developing skills that will carry over to other areas in not just e commerce, but business in general.

      As you get more articles under your belt, your writing skills will get better as well. That will lead to more content, more traffic, more sales. It takes a little time, but not as much as I thought. 

      Thanks for your coments! I hope you get time to get some content up.

  5. Is a website free to create? I hear that you have to pay for a domain name. Also, I think it is awesome that an affiliate program is free to join. I buy a lot of products from amazon but it never really occurred to me that I can make money recommending those same products that I buy to other people.

    • Yep, free.  You get 2 free websites, and you can even pick the domain. If you already have domain somewhere else, you can even transfer it over if you want.  This is the best ecommerce business idea out there, if you ask me.

  6. Hey this was a very good article and really imformative, good use of the pictures to better explain to visitors what they will be doing at WA. I honestly need to update my review on WA and add a few things i left out. Your article reminded me of some of the key points! Thanks and keep up the good work here at WA

  7. As a member of wa for over a year, I can truly attest to the great information you have provided us with this article. Wealthy Affilaite truly packs a ton of value, and out of all courses or programs out there, wealthy affilaite truly gives you everything you can imagine to shape you into a successful affiliate marketer.

  8. Hi there. I know there are a lot of interesting affiliate programs out there, but I am wondering if it’s possible to make money without having to build a website. Maybe just a landing page with affiliate links.

    The thing is, blogging takes a lot of time and research. Plus, getting organic traffic is a very slow process. Do you have any tips to offer?

    • You cannot put a bunch of affiliate links on to a page and expect to make any money.  It just doesn’t work that way.  You need to put your readers first and have engaging content that people will want to read.

      Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of reasources that will not only enable you to build a website, but also be a successful writer, which is something you won’t find anywhere else.  I think too often people focus on the technical aspect of building a website, without thinking about how to get people to WANT to read what you have to say, and build a trust with you as an author.

      If people don’t trust you or your opinion, they aren’t going to want to buy what you are trying to sell.

      One of the lessons, The Business of Conent – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation, enables you to write high quality, original content that people will want to read, and also, get ranked buy search engines.

  9. Hey really good article. I love WA and i keep grinding to make my sites better and full of content, its harder then i thought to get visitors and to rank on google. But the longer you have your websites up and keep adding content you will end up making it. I did make me a niche site and a site following the boot camp, keep up the good work.

  10. Can I really make good money doing this? I’m currently driving for Uber, but I want something that is going to grow over time?
    I’m not very tech savvvy either, I’m afraid I won’t know what to do.

    • Tiana,
      Don’t worry. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of helpful people that WILL NOT LET YOU FAIL. You can do this.
      The online instruction is really good. Look me up if you need help.

  11. Very nice article explaining how the affiliate marketing works in easy simple terms. 

    The example using hair dryers was very helpful for me to understand what we are looking for concerning the keyword research. 

    Is having good keywords good enough to attract traffic? Getting the traffic is always a challenge to me. 

    Thank you for a great information.

    • Hi Kyoko,

      I’m glad you found this article useful.  Using the right keywords are a big part of getting more traffic on your website.  The nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you get access to a top notch keyword tool that tells you what keywords will get you more traffic, and will give you suggestions based on what you search for. 

      You also get the wordpress plugin “All in One SEO” for free.  That and evergreen content, is really all you need.

  12. I’ve heard about affiliate marketing and am interested to learn a bit more about it. You say that any niche can be profitable, which sounds encouraging. 

    I really enjoy playing lawn bowls, could this really be a profitable niche? Or do I need a subject where more items could be sold, like golf for instance?

    • Hey Nigel,
      Lawn bowls can be a very profitable, niche. Looks like there are a lot of searches on the subject, but not a lot of competition. That is affiliate marketing gold! One of the tools that you get at Wealthy Affiliate is a keyword research tool called JAAXY
      I did a quick search, and there are a lot of searches on that subject, but not a lot of answers!

  13. Your post is detailed as explained in a simple way to making online. This is exactly what those in need of such information need to know for them to get glimpse of what to expect. 

    To many people that need to do make money online business Weathy Affiliate is the right place for you, WA makes life easy for you from the day you join with their training and materials. I for one I am a product of Wealthy Affiliate.

  14. Hello,

    I would like to say thank you for your insightful article. Your 1, 2, 3, 4 simple steps to making money in affiliate marketing has brought validation to my efforts and training with Wealthy Affiliate. I am currently at step 2 of your 4 step process. The information in your article has given me the confidence that my decision to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate was a good decision and I am on track and on my way to making money in Affiliate Marketing. Your very thorough view of what I can expect with Wealthy Affiliate is comforting and takes the surprise out of the unknown.

    Thank you for your insight!


  15. Great post and good info.

    I have an online business for a while now so I totally agree with what you wrote here.

    These 4 steps are easy, and with the right platform it is like childs play.

    Honestly, Wealthy Affiliate is the best you can imagine, since they show you everything what you need to do to have the best business in your niche.

    Earning money online never been so easy with it, you really need to try it.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  16. Hi Jim,

    Likewise I can spend HOURS praising and mentioning the advantage of building a website using the SiteRubix platform. It really is building websites MADE EASY. Not to forget all of the other “perks” you’ll be getting as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate & Siterubix user.

    I’d experience in setting up a blog using the Blogger platfrom & Weebly platform too few years ago. But it was never like what Siterubix & WordPress has to offer (the CMS platform that Siterubix is associated to) 

    It has made ranking our content on search engines MUCH EASIER & anyone can learn how to build a website by following the Wealthy Affiliate tranings & build it using Siterubix. Building website & content should be fun & exciting if you’re creating on content you’re truly PASSIONATE & own high degree of ENTHUSIASM. 

    Prior to Siterubix & WA , I did not know there was such an AFFORDABLE solution to build a viable & sustainable online business via blogging & affiliate marketing! The website builder is intuitive to use & provides to newbies & even seasonal bloggers / web developers. It is so intuitive & provides an absolute AFFORDABLE solution for those who’s interested in building their own website in any niche!

    Imagine having to spend 1000’s or even 10’s of thousands on setting up a brick & mortar business. Just compare that to the cost of setting up an online business via Siterubix & WA. It is an absolute no-brainer!


  17. Lots of information about WA. I am a member of this great site and back all you have written. I love the support I get from other members. I can’t wait to see their next roll out to make us even more successful. 

    This year I took the plunge and went yearly. It’s more of way of saying I am more committed to my success. Thanks for the great review, hope many will take your offer here.

  18. I know for many it may seem impossible. However, as someone who is living proof that the possibilities and the different ways affiliate marketing can be utilized to earn income is a fact. I totally endorse all that is said in this article.

  19.  Anyone who is ready to start an online business will serve themselves well by following your advice. But they must understand that they have to put in the work.

    But anybody who follows through with the high quality education that Wealthey Affiliate offers will surely have success. There is no better place to learn about SEO, and how to use a keyword search tool like Jaaxy.

  20. Hi

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate about a week ago, and I absolutely love it here.   I just started building my first website, and if it wasn’t for the wonderful community at Wealthy Affiliates I would of been really lost.  I believe that being an affiliate is going give me the life I’ve always dreamed of.

    Thanks for the helpful description on Jaxxy, because I wasn’t aware of how useful it really is.


  21. Thanks for the great article… it’s funny how so many people get making money online wrong when there are only 4 simple steps. I think sometimes people get distracted by the next big thing which will make you money on autopilot… been there done that myself. I hope people follow your steps as this really is a way of making money through the internet. Thanks again for just reiterating the steps. 

  22. Hi really great job explaining some easy and effective ways to earn online using a niche to build a website and how to get traffic, this has really helped me a lot as to affiliate marketing as to me not fully understanding how affiliate marketing works these tips as given me some insight as to what it is and how it works. Thanks much and great job.

  23. These are straightforward tips and I really like how detailed they are written and, at least important to me,  in an understandable way.

    I didn’t know how important traffic to a site really is but, the way you have described it, it now makes a lot of sense to me.

    I am contemplating lately a lot if I should create a website with my Hobby and I think I will.

    Thank you so much for all the information you have provided. I have saved your site and might come back to you if I have a question.

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