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More companies than ever are looking for people to promote their products online, and more people are finding that the best ways to make money online are through these lucrative affiliate programs. VaporDNA is currently looking for people to promote their products online.

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VaporDNA Share-A-Sale Affiliate Program

  • Earn a 10 % commission with each sale.
  • 30 day cookie.
  • Member Since: 01/20/2017
  • Is Auto-Approval available: Yes

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VaporDNA.com is one of the highest paid affiliate commissions in the vaping industry today.

VaporDNA.com is among the most trusted retailers for E Liquids, Electronic cigarettes and accessories online. They have THOUSANDS products form the most popular brands for you to promote.

Their customers are the most loyal in this booming industry. They offer highly curated and in house hard-working professional website designers that care about every product that they sell.

Their robust affiliate program is run by a dedicated affiliate account management team that offers support and assistance to ensure the highest level of success for all of their partners.

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Highlights of the VaporDNA Affiliate Program:
1. Average Custtomer Order is between $65 to $85 USD
2. One of the Strongest Conversion Rates in the Vaping Industry
3. Best known and most popular vape brands and products
4. Orders over $49 get Free Shipping within United States, and low flat rate shipping for most of the world.
5. Frequent Newsletters keep customers engaged.
6. Easy Return Policy
7. Dedicated Affiliate Account Management is Highly Trained and Professional
8. You earn a big 10% commission on every order, every time a customer makes a purchase through your VaporDNA affiliate link, one of the best offers in the affiliate industry.
9. Long 30 day cookie.
10. VaporDNA.com is a Top 50 Share-A-Sale Power Rank Merchant

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